Joey My Lovely Cat [English Version] Part 2

The next day, Joey suddenly descended by himself. We fed him and let him stayed for a while. But we hadn't decide if he will live here. Putri came again in the afternoon. This time, she came with Naya, Talitha's older sister. Naya saw Joey and look amazed. "Wow, whose cat is that?" she asked. Then, without waited for an answer, she took Joey and bring it home. Putri didn't seen upset when she saw it. She said that one of Joey's parents is Naya's cat, so she has a right to bring Joey. I didn't very agree. So did Luqman. He wasn't willing Joey taken for granted.

A few days later, suddenly Joey was in the yard. Me and mom was confused to see it. How does he got here? Did it escaped from Naya's house? Then a few moments later Naya appeared. I called her and asked why Joey was here. Somewhat sheepishly she said that she couldn't keep Joey anymore. I forgot the reason. Clearly, she returned Joey to us. We were happy to see him again. Mom also liked the cute cat, and because me and Luqman wanted to remain it, mom allowed Joey to live here.

So that's the story of how Joey got here. At this time, Joey was became a great, brave, and fat cat. Joey doesn't like rats, he never like to eat them. Joey isn't a type of a hunter, I guess. He usually relied on food from humans. And he is more incline to like cooked food than raw food. Joey loves to catch cockroaches, butterflies, lizards, and some other small animals. But he never eat them. He just catched it, played with it--pounced and scratched it to death--after that it was abandoned. If we don't feed him, he will went to a neighbor's house and ask for food. That's why Joey remained fat and healthy.

He's an unusual cat, I must admit. Joey is a spoiled cat. He was also very pampered and loved. I've got another kitten that was born a few months after Joey lived here. It was born from a cat that had ever stay in my house when she was still a kitten. She is living wild now, even though she still came here sometimes. Then one day, she gave birth to four kittens in my shed. One of them died at birth. Three others lived to large. My aunt asked for the female ones. Finally, we gave one cat striped three to her, because two others were male. Then, one named Loreng died in disease. Thus, only one in our house. The cat is black and white like Joey, but the white color is more dominant. Therefore he was named Snowy.

Joey is really like to play with Snowy. If Joey is excited, he will pounce and bite Snowy, and then he will licked Snowy's ear. Joey will pounce him again, lick again, and so on. Joey is an active, brave, spoiled, and very-familiar-with-us cat. The other cats we have, like Snowy, were never allowed to get in the house. But Joey doesn't. He always sneak in through the bottom of the table or sofa so he will hard to take. We always leave him alone. In fact, me and Luqman often took him silently into our rooms. Snowy, meanwhile, if he tries to follow Joey into, he will expelled. He looks jealous to Joey, and always try to act like him. But we always ignore him. In short, Joey is good at attracting attention and make people love him. Although he captious and rather naughty, people never get mad at him.

Joey's characteristics: short tail curved inward, so as to form a ball. The color of the tail, back, until ears is black, while the stomach and legs are white. Its fur is smooth, thick and creamy. Joey has black fur near the mouth of the white, making it easily recognizable.

Well, that is the story about Joey. My brother and I had pity on him. He is a special cat. And I must say it now, Joey is a fitting name for him. I can only say it now, if I try to think hard about it, 'Bunny' is too rabbit for him. Joey didn't look like a rabbit anymore when he is grown-up, even though as a child he was like a rabbit with short ears. But I found the name 'Joey's is too short for him, because it consists of only one syilable. So, my family and I add a few words to call him. For example: Jujoey, Surojoyo, and others. I'm sure you would laugh to read it, but that's the truth. Well, his name became more and more bizarre, but it calls pet.

Okay, thats the end of the story. Sorry if my English isn't very good, I still study it. Bye! [The End]

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Joey My Lovely Cat [English Version] Part 1

Hello, all my blog visitors! This time, I want to tell you about my cat, Joey. That name is actually a bit odd for a cat. You know what 'Joey' means, right? Yeah, it means kangaroo's child. But, that have a story. Okay, so that you won't be curious, I'll give you the story:

It was all began a few months ago. Precisely, on August 7th, 2015. That day, my friend, Putri, and her cousin, Talitha, came to visit. Then we started to play some games. When I and Putri were resting for a while, I told her about a new book that Olla--my neighbor--has. The title is 'K2Soul Puzzle'. It was the 3rd book of 'Go, Keo! No, Noaki!' series. These months, that series became the talk of me, Putri, Olla, and two other friends. The book by Mrs. Ary Nilandari is indeed different from other books. The idea of the storyline was very interesting for us, the fans of novels.

Well, I told Putri a little of the content of the book. She became very interested, and she asked me to bring her to Olla's house, right behind my house. I agreed, so I took out my bike and bring Talitha on the bicycle rack, while Putri walked alone. Luqman, my little brother, also came with his own bike. Olla was doing her English homework in the terrace when we arrived. She welcomed up happily. She gave the book to Putri, and asked me to helped her with the homework, and I was happy to help. We sat and started to work on it. Meanwhile, Putri flipped the pages with enthusiastic. She saw a picture of Keo, the main character of the story, which was holding a striped kitten. Putri seemed very interested in that cat.
Then, me and Olla had so much fun chatted, we didn't realize that Putri disappeared. Before we wondered where she was, she reappeared, carried a black-and-white kitten. Judging from its fur, it was an Angora cat. Me and Luqman immediately welcomed it. The kitten was very cute.

Putri said the parents of the kitten was not both Angora. One of them was only domestic cat. Then Putri said that the cat is Joey. Me and Olla rejected it. Joey in the story has three stripes, while this cat has only two. But Putri stubbornly insisted it is Joey. Luqman, who loves cats, want to maintain it. But we doubt whether it is acceptable. Well, finally, the cat was taken to my house. Olla came, too.

Then we started to negotiate what should we named the kitten. Putri--with the support of Luqman--insisted it is Joey. But me and Olla opposed. I think he better named Bunny, because he ran like a rabbit. None of us want to budge, so Putri asked for Talitha's opinions. She gives the option: Joey, Bunny, or Heart. What, HEART?! No one requested that name. I was confused. Talitha chose Heart, and that made Putri confused herself. Then she filled a second choice. Joey or Bunny. Talitha chose Bunny. Well, me and Olla have had the pleasure. But Joey requester didn't accept.

Putri repeated the question to Talitha, even though me and Olla protested. Of course, IT'S NOT FAIR! And maybe, because Talitha is more familiar with Putri, she suddenly knew what Putri wanted. She chose Joey this time. Luqman and Putri cheered, but me and Olla guffed. It's a tie score. 1-1. For the final decision, Putri asked Talitha again. And again too, she chose Joey. Me and Olla could not protested. So the cat's name is Joey after all. Then the next question is: where he should stay? The kitten was too small to be released in the wild. Putri can't adopt him, because she already had a cat. So did me and Luqman. We weren't so sure if mom will allowed us to keep a cat.

Before we had decide, Joey suddenly ran and climbed to the roof. Luqman catched it-he is a well climber, you know--to pick it up. But mom banned him to get Joey down. Anyway, the kitten got into a narrow hole and would not come out. Luqman could not got him out after all. Because it was late, we disbanded and Joey remained stuck there. [To be continued]

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Klasifikasi Makhluk Hidup (4)

5. Kingdom Animalia

  • dapat bergerak aktif
  • tidak memiliki dinding sel
  • tidak dapat berfotosintesis
Hewan (dibagi berdasarkan ada-tidaknya tulang belakang)

1. Invertebrata (hewan tidak memiliki tulang belakang)
  • Porifera 
  1. Hewan spons
  • Coelenterata 
  1. Hydrozoa
  2. Schypozoza
  3. Anthozoa
  • Plathyhelminthes
  1. Planaria
  2. Cacing hati
  • Nematoda
  1. Cacing perut
  2. Cacing kremi
  3. Cacing tambang
  • Annnelida
  1. Cacing tanah
  2. Lintah
  3. Pacet
  • Arthropoda
  1. Udang
  2. Kepiting
  3. Serangga
  • Echinodermata
  1. Bintang laut
  2. Landak laut
  3. Teripang
  • Mollusca
  1. Bekicot
  2. Cumi-cumi
  3. Kerang
2. Vertebrata (hewan memiliki tulang belakang)
  • Kelas Pisces
  1. Ikan mujair
  2. Ikan bandeng
  3. Ikan lele
  4. Ikan mas
  • Kelas Amphibia
  1. Katak
  • Buaya
  1. Kadal
  2. Penyu
  3. Ular
  • Kelas Aves
  1. Burung pipit
  2. Merpati Elang
  • Kelas Mammalia
  1. Gajah
  2. Singa
  3. Orang utan
  4. Kelelawar
  5. Lumba-lumba
Catatan: rangkuman ini berasal dari:
Buku Biologi 
Kurikulum 2013 
Karangan Tim Abdi Guru

Semoga bermanfaat :)

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Klasifikasi Makhluk Hidup (3)

4. Kingdom Plantae
Plantae: - Lumut
              - Paku
              - Tumbuhan biji

a. Lumut (Bryophyta)

  • memiliki akar, batang, dan daun yang bukan sejati
  • belum memiliki berkas pembuluh
  • akar lumut disebut rizoid: menempelkan tubuh lumut pada substrat
  • berkembang biak dengan pergiliran keturunan (metagenesis)
  • hidup di tempat lembap
1. Lumut Hati
  • Talus - berbentuk pita
  •           - berdaging 
  •           - berbentuk lembaran pipih seperti daun
  1. Marchantia
2. Lumut Daun
  • memiliki bagian yang menyerupai batang dan daun
  • tubuh umumnya tegak, sering kali membentuk lapisan seperti beludru
  1. Polytrichum
3. Lumut Tanduk
  1. Anthoceros natans

b. Tumbuhan Paku (Pteridophyta)
  • memiliki akar, batang, dan daun sejati
  • memiliki berkas pembuluh
  • pada daun dewasa terdapat bulatan berwarna coklat (sorus)
Sorus = kumpulan kotak spora yang dibungkus indusium
  • perkembangbiakannya secara metagenesis
1. Paku Telanjang
  • tidak berdaun/berdaun kecil
  1. Psilotum nudum
2. Paku Ekor Kuda
  • batang terdapat dalam tanah
  • cabang beruas-ruas
  • daun fertil menghasilkan spora
  1. Equisetum sylvaticum
3. Paku Kawat
  • tubuhnya seperti rambut/kawat
  • habitat di daerah pegunungan
  1. Lycopodium cernuum
4. Paku Sejati
  • sorus berkumpul pada ujung, tepi, dan tersebar di permukaan daun
  1. Adiantum (suplir)
  2. Marsilea crenata (semanggi)

c. Tumbuhan Biji (Spermatophyta)
  • memiliki akar, batang, dan daun sejati
  • memiliki berkas pembuluh
  • menghasilkan biji yang digunakan sebagai alat perkembangbiakannya
Tumbuhan biji (dibagi berdasarkan letak bakal bijinya)

1. Tumbuhan Biji Terbuka (Gymnospermae)
  • Letak bakal biji tidak terlindungi oleh daun buah, tetapi menempel pada daun buah
  • Pohon berakar tunggang
  • Daunnya berbentuk seperti jarum, kecil tebal, atau tipis lebar
  • Alat kelamin jantan dan alat kelamin betina disebut strobilus yang mengandung sporangium
(a) Cycadophyta
  • menyerupai pohon palem
  • memiliki sedikit cabang dan bertulang daun menyirip
  1. Cycas rumphii (pakis haji)
(b) Gnetophyta
  • batang berkayu, bercabang, dan berdaun tunggal
  1. Gnetum gnemon (melinjo)
(c) Coniferophyta
  • tumbuhan semak/pohon tajuk berbentuk kerucut, daun jarum
  1. Pinus merkusii (pinus/tusam)
(d) Ginkgophyta
  • batang berkayu, bercabang
  • daun berbentuk tipis
  1. Ginkgo biloba

2. Tumbuhan Biji Tertutup (Angiospermae)
  • Alat perkembangbiakannya berupa bunga
  • Akar, batang, dan daun sudah dapat dibedakan dengan jelas
  • Susunan tulang daun menyirip, menjari, atau sejajar
  • Bakal biji terlindung di dalam daun buah
  • Mengalami pembuahan ganda
(a) Tumbuhan biji berkeping dua (Dicotyledoneae)
  • Biji berkeping dua
  • Akar tunggang
  • Daun tersebar berhadapan
  • Batang bercabang
  • Tulang daun menyirip atau menjari
  • Bagian bunga berjumlah kelipatan 2, 4, atau 5
  • Biji memiliki dua daun lembaga
1. Suku getah-getahan (Euphorbiaceae)
  • apabila dilukai bagian tubuhnya akan mengeluarkan getah putih
  1. Manihot utilissima (ketela pohon)
  2. Hevea brasiliensis (karet)
2. Suku kacang-kacangan (Papilionaceae)
  • mahkota bunga berbentuk kupu-kupu
  • buahnya polong dan sering ditemukan bintil akar
  1. Arachis hypogaea (kacang tanah)
3. Suku terung-terungan (Solanaceae)
  • bunga berbentuk bintang, terompet
  • buah buni/buah kotak dengan lapisan dalam berair/berdaging
  1. Solanum lycopersicum (tomat)
  2. Capsicum annuum (cabai)
(b) Tumbuhan biji berkeping satu (Monocotyledoneae)
  • Biji berkeping satu
  • Akar serabut
  • Daun berseling
  • Tulang daun sejajar
  • Bagian bunga berjumlah kelipatan 3
  • Biji memiliki satu daun lembaga
1. Gramineae (rumput-rumputan)
- padi, gandum, jagung, tebu

2. Palmae (pinang-pinangan)
- kelapa, kelapa sawit, palem

3. Liliaceae (bawang-bawangan)
- bawang merah, bawang putih, bakung

4. Musaceae (pisang-pisangan)
- pisang manila, pisang ambon, pisang tanduk

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Music, My Best Friend

Hi, guys! Kalian tahu obat apa yang paling manjur untuk: sedih, kesal, bete, stress, frustrasi, depresi, dll.? Ini untuk sebagian orang ya, termasuk aku :) Jawabannya, musik d/a lagu! Aku kan pernah mengisi tes Multiple Intelligence, hasilnya aku itu Musical, Language (Linguistic), dan Social.
Jadilah, bagiku, music is my daily routines. Pelipur hatiku, penghiburku, sahabatku.

Oya, jangan kalian pikir musik penghiburku itu musik rock atau semacamnya. Biasanya yang kunyalakan itu lagu nasyid, lagu pop, atau lagu sedih. Mungkin aneh kedengarannya, tapi lagu-lagu itu melegakanku. Mungkin tidak bagi kalian yang suka lagu-lagu bersemangat ya :D

Jadi, kalau kalian stress, bete, atau semacamnya, coba dengerin musik. Mungkin berpengaruh, mungkin juga tidak. Jadi jangan terlalu percaya dulu ya, soalnya siapa tahu gagal bagi sebagian orang, hehehe :D

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Klasifikasi Makhluk Hidup (2)

Klasifikasi 5 Kingdom menurut Robert H. Whittaker

1. Kingdom Monera
  • makhluk hidup bersel satu (uniseluler)
  • tidak memiliki membran inti (prokariotik)
  • berkembang biak dengan cara membelah diri
  • meliputi bakteri dan ganggang biru
Bakteri menguntungkan
  • Escherichia coli: bakteri yang hidup di usus manusia
  • Lactobacillus casei: bakteri untuk pembuatan keju 
Bakteri merugikan
  • Salmonella thyposa: bakteri penyebab penyakit tifus
  • Vibrio cholerae: bakteri penyebab penyakit kolera 
Bentuk bakteri: 
  1. Bulat (kokus)
  2. Batang (basilus)
  3. Spiral (spirilum)

  • hidup di perairan
  • merupakan fitoplankton
Cyanobacteria menguntungkan
  • Anabaena azollae: bisa menambat nitrogen dan bersimbiosis dengan sejenis paku air bernama Azolla pinata
  • Arthrospira: dapat dijadikan suplemen makanan berprotein tinggi bermerek Spirulina

2. Kingdom Protista
  • memiliki membran inti (eukariotik)
  • bersel tunggal
  • multiseluler
- Protista mirip hewan (Protozoa)
- Protista mirip tumbuhan (Alga/Ganggang)
- Protista mirip jamur

a. Protozoa (dibagi berdasarkan alat geraknya
  • Rhizopoda = bergerak dengan kaki semu
  1. Amoeba proteus
  2. Entamoeba coli
  • Flagellata = bergerak dengan bulu cambuk (flagela)
  1. Euglena viridis
  2. Trypanosoma gambiense
  • Cilliata = bergerak dengan bulu getar (silia)
  1. Paramecium sp.
  • Sporozoa = tidak memiliki alat gerak, berkembang biak dengan spora 
  1. Plasmodium sp. (penyebab penyakit malaria)
b. Alga atau Ganggang (dibagi berdasarkan pigmen yang dikandungnya)

- Alga Hijau (Chlorophyceae)
  • memiliki pigmen hijau
  • multiseluler
  • berbentuk benang atau lembaran
  1. Spirogyra
  2. Chlorella
  3. Chlorococcum
- Alga Merah (Rhodophyceae)
  • memiliki pigmen fikoeritrin (merah)
  • hidup di laut
  1. Eucheuma spinosum: bahan untuk membuat agar-agar
- Alga Pirang (Phaeophyceae)
  • berwarna cokelat kehijau-hijauan
  • banyak mengandung asam alginat untuk bahan industri tekstil dan obat-obatan
  1. Sargassum
  2. Turbinaria
- Alga Kersik (Chrysophyceae)
  • bangkai alga ini di dasar laut akan membentuk lapisan tanah yang disebut diatom yang berguna untuk bahan industri, alat gosok, dan bahan dinamit
c. Protista mirip jamur
  • Jamur air (Oomycota)
  1. menghasilkan oospora (spora berdinding tebal yang mampu bertahan di lingkungan yang buruk.
  • Jamur lendir (Myxomycota)
  1. fase vegetatifnya mampu bergerak seperti ameba
  2. bereproduksi dengan menghasilkan spora

3. Kingdom Fungi
  • meliputi berbagai macam jamur
  • memiliki membran inti
  • dinding sel terbuat dari zat kitin
  • tidak memiliki kloroplas = tidak dapat berfotosintesis
  • ada yang uniseluler maunpun multiseluler
Tubuh jamur (talus) tersusun atas benang-benang yang disebut hifa
Kumpulan hifa = miselium
Jamur hidup sebagai: - saprofit  
                                   - parasit   
dan berkembang biak dengan spora.

Anggota Kingdom Fungi (dibagi berdasarkan cara reproduksinya)
  • Zigomycotina = zigospora
  1. Jamur tempe (Rhizopus oryzae)
  • Ascomycotina = askospora
  1. Ragi (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) = bermanfaat untuk pembuatan roti dan minuman beralkohol.
  • Basidiomycotina = basidiospora
  1. Jamur kuping (Auricularia sp.)
  2. Jamur merang (Volvariella volvacea)
  • Deuteromycotina = belum diketahui alat perkembangbiakannya
  1. Jamur panu (Tinea versicolor)
  2. Penyebab kutu air (Epidermophyton floocosum)
Simbiosis mutualisme antara jamur dengan ganggang menghasilkan lumut kerak (Lichenes)
Lumut kerak disebut juga tumbuhan perintis karena dapat hidup di tempat makhluk lain tak dapat hidup.

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Klasifikasi Makhluk Hidup (1)

Hello, guys! Aku sudah kelas 8 sekarang, tapi aku masih suka membaca-baca buku pelajaran kelas 7, khususnya IPA. Kalian sudah tahu kan, kalau pelajaran IPA SMP dibagi menjadi Biologi, Fisika, dan Kimia. Nah, sekarang aku mau sharing  sedikit nih, tentang pelajaran Biologi yang sudah kupelajari.

Bab 2: Klasifikasi Makhluk Hidup

Ilmu tentang klasifikasi makhluk hidup: Taksonomi
Bapak taksonomi: Carolus Linnaeus
Susunan takson:
Dunia (Kingdom) - Divisi (tumbuhan) atau Filum (hewan) - Kelas - Bangsa (Ordo) - Suku (Famili) - Marga (Genus) - Jenis (Spesies)

Pengelompokan makhluk hidup dapat berdasarkan hal-hal berikut ini:

  • Habitatnya
  • Jenis makanannya
  • Waktu mencari makan
  • Permukaan/penutup tubuhnya
  • Jumlah keping bijinya
  • Letak bakal bijinya
  • Sistem pernapasannya
  • Sistem peredaran darahnya

Beberapa Nama-Nama Ilmiah Tumbuhan
  1. Bunga Sepatu = Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
  2. Kacang Tanah = Arachis pintoi
  3. Padi = Oryza sativa
  4. Jagung = Zea mays
  5. Singkong = Manihot esculenta
  6. Bawang Merah = Allium cepa var, aggregatum L.
  7. Bawang Putih = Allium sativum
  8. Jambu Biji = Psidium guajava
  9. Jambu Bol = Caryophylus malaccensis
  10. Jambu Monyet = Anacardium occidentale
  11. Jambu Air = Eugenia aquea
  12. Mangga = Mangifera casturi
  13. Durian = Durio zibethinus
  14. Mawar = Rosa hybrida
Bersambung ke post berikutnya :)

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